Video Distribution Process: August

I visited with instructors this month regarding how other companies (competitors as well as publishers in non-competing markets) make online content available to students. It was difficult reaching people (kudos to our sales staff who know this well), but between email and phone conversations I learned a lot about what people do NOT want:

  • Don’t create administrative work for instructors.
  • Don’t use online content to reward new book purchasers and punish used or provided book holders, as it creates haves and have-nots in the class.

If there is a way to continue access after the class and until students take pass the certification exam, that would be ideal. Many schools and students simply cannot afford to purchase another item. Very few instructors knew if their LMS could stream videos (which would be a very inexpensive means to distribute the videos). A little more research on what percentage of LMS users can stream video yielded the answer, which is less than half. The most popular LMS offerings require additional services to stream video and this is not purchased by the schools. Hmmmmm. -Mark


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