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From Laurayne Much:

“Just finished CNA course where we used Hartman Skills Videos. Students loved them. Said they allowed them to better understand the skills. Liked that they were not too long but still thorough. Today‚Äôs learners are more visual than hands on. Once they have seen it then they are more willing to do and perform the skills. Let me tell you they are not fans of the mannekins in lab. ‘So out of date,’ ‘low tech,’ and ‘creepy.’

Again a BIG THANK YOU to Hartman Publishing.”


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  • Used the skills videos with my latest CNA class and I love them. They are current, updated and thorough for todays students. Letting them see the skill being done before actually doing it makes it easier for them to comprehend vs. explaining it and then practicing it. I am so glad that these are available as they really help with teaching the class. I love the Hartman book and these videos help tie everything together.

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      Thank you so much for your positive comments! It’s gratifying to hear because we worked hard to try to get them right. Please let me know if there is anything else you need or if you have further feedback, you’d be welcome to email me. Susan Hedman, Managing Editor, susan [at] hartmanonline [dot] com.

  • We have used the skills videos for the past 2 CNA classes that we have taught and have found them to be very helpful. Both beginning and ending steps for each skill are presented consistently, which is something we continually emphasize throughout the course in preparation for testing. It’s nice to have videos for the demonstration and then have students go in and practice the skills. They work well with the book and our state checklist for CNA skills. These videos are helpful and have made a difference for our classes for sure.

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      Thank you for sharing your feedback! It’s really nice to read your comments. Please let me know if you need anything at all. Susan Hedman, Managing Editor, susan [at] hartmanonline [dot] com.

  • I really like the videos and students appeared to have gotten a lot of valuable information from the video’s. I showed the video’s prior to entering the skills lab and then demonstrated the skill for the students and had the students do a return demonstration. The opening and closing procedures really help the students as they can see what they should be doing and how to follow the steps vs. just hearing it which accommodates all learning styles. Thank you

  • I am an instructor at the 4front Nurse Aid Academy in Atlanta, Ga. I used the slides when teaching a skill. They were very informative and to the point! The setting was peaceful as well. My students commend you.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback! If you want to share any other comments, know that you can contact me directly: Susan Hedman, Managing Editor, susan [at] hartmanonline [dot] com.

  • Assisting with bedpan does not demonstrate raising the siderail after positioning the bedpan. NA leaves the room and leaves the siderail in the down position. should raise the rail after removing gloves and performing hand hygiene.

    • Thank you for this important feedback! We are compiling a list of reported errors, as well as changes people want. We are also starting a new list of future videos to make, so I’m going to make a separate thread for that. Please know you contact me directly: Susan Hedman, Managing Editor, susan [at] hartmanonline [dot] com.

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