Video Feedback from an Instructor in AL

From Dawn Rollins:

I love the skills videos now available!  I was super excited to watch them, and then even more so, to incorporate into our curriculum.  The videos are very professional with step-by-step instructions, as well as demonstrating crucial element steps to include safety, infection control, and privacy/confidentiality. My students have really enjoyed this very visual learning tool, and watch them again and again just prior to testing.

As of today, January 23rd, and in the start for the brand new year of 2018, I have 11 students who have completed the class, watched the videos and all 11 have passed their State Exam on the first attempt!  I believe the videos in conjunction with the book provide, hands down, the best in Nursing Assistant Education!

Thank you Hartman for the production of the videos which have now become an invaluable part of my CNA class!


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