Heard at Hartman 10/03/2018

“Heard at Hartman” is our ongoing blog feature where we share updates on customer requests and feedback that have resulted in changes, special products, or corrections to our existing materials.

Today’s topic: We’re here to help!

Today’s discussion comes to us from our customer service manager, Fran Desmond. She is tasked with hiring, training, and overseeing the department that handles everything from orders to pricing questions to lost UPS boxes. The customer service staff at Hartman is knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. We’ve always prided ourselves on having an available customer service department that answers the phone immediately instead of having the customer navigate a complicated series of electronic menu options. While most of the time incoming calls are quick orders or questions, sometimes customers are called upon to go above and beyond.

Such was the case with a recent incoming call where our most veteran representative spent 90 minutes on the phone with one customer, walking her through every one of our online instructor resources. She was admittedly not familiar with some of her computer’s functions and was initially timid about asking for the assistance she needed. Our CS rep was patient, encouraging, and made sure she could confidently navigate all the features she needed to access. Because of his patience and professionalism, our customer learned some new skills to make her job easier.

We all have different skills to share with one another. If you ever have a question about how to use our products, resources, or materials, never hesitate to ask. If the Hartman employee who answers your call can’t help immediately, he or she will always find someone who can.

While not every comment or critique will result in a change, we always welcome your words, questions and feedback. You help make our products the best they can be and we’re always ready to listen. Go ahead: Be heard at Hartman!

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