Heard at Hartman 11/12/2018

“Heard at Hartman” is our ongoing blog feature where we share updates on customer requests and feedback that have resulted in changes, special products, or corrections to our existing materials.

Today’s topic: Great answers for great questions.

Selecting a textbook for a program or changing from one textbook to another is a daunting task. There are many steps to complete and many boxes to check. Evaluating different textbooks to determine what will best meet your needs is time-consuming. Considerations often include cost, reading level, content, publication date, whether the text is approved for use in your state, availability of supplementary material, and ease of ordering. And all of that occurs before you can even begin curriculum planning. We know how hard it is.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, the last thing you want to do is speak with a salesperson who can’t answer basic questions about the product you’re considering. That won’t happen at Hartman. We love your questions, comments, and quote requests. Our sales staff has nearly 40 years of combined experience with Hartman textbooks; we know our books well.

From general pricing questions to state-specific curriculum questions to content concerns, we’ve got your answers. Our sales team can guide or advise you through the various stages of book selection, state approval, and curriculum implementation. Answers to your questions never get pushed aside in favor of a sales pitch. Whether it be your sales rep, the sales manager, or the managing editor, we’ll always find the right person to answer your toughest questions, so please keep them coming.

Go ahead: Be heard at Hartman!

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