Heard at Hartman 11/29/2018

“Heard at Hartman” is our ongoing blog feature where we share updates on customer requests and feedback that have resulted in changes, special products, or corrections to our existing materials.

Today’s topic: There’s more to our Basics

Our textbook, Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care: The Basics 5th Edition, is one of our most popular. It is a ten-chapter powerhouse. In fewer than 275 pages your students will learn the concepts, skills, and procedures to prepare them for certification and new careers. Long, technical textbooks may be intimidating to some students, especially those who have reading difficulties or who are not planning to proceed further in their health sciences careers. With The Basics our aim was to eliminate the intimidation factor and create an accessible and informative book to benefit many types of students. We’re thrilled with the positive feedback we’ve gotten about this book and its increasing popularity with programs nationwide.

In addition, we now have the Spanish language version of this textbook available. If your state allows certification testing in Spanish, call your sales representative today to find out about receiving a sample. Even if your state does not allow testing in Spanish but you have students who prefer to read the text or workbook in Spanish, they can purchase copies on Amazon.

We also have an audiobook version of this textbook available on audible.com. The book was read by an actual nurse practitioner, and can be used to deepen students’ understanding of the material and reinforce essential concepts for greater success.

We’re standing by for all of your questions about Hartman textbooks and supplementary materials.

While not every comment or critique will result in a change, we always welcome your words, questions and feedback. You help make our products the best they can be and we’re always ready to listen. Go ahead: Be heard at Hartman!

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