Heard at Hartman 01/29/2019

“Heard at Hartman” is our ongoing blog feature where we share updates on customer requests and feedback that have resulted in changes, special products, or corrections to our existing materials.

This week: The Videos You Want

When we started receiving feedback on our first set of skills videos, we divided the feedback into two categories: Comments and Critiques and Future Videos. Emails were forwarded from customer service and sales representatives and gathered from the instructor website message board. Throughout the process we began to get an idea of where to go next with our videos. The most requested video by far was “Making an Occupied Bed.” In fact, for every request for other new videos we received about five for that skill. Other top topics were “Mouth Care for Unconscious Resident” and “Providing Fingernail Care.” Those three requested skills were included in the recent round of videos we created. In addition to those three topics, we shot these new videos:

  • Donning a full set of PPE
  • Ambulation with a cane
  • Making an unoccupied bed
  • Taking an electronic BP measurement
  • Using proper body mechanics

We also shot additional versions of “Assisting with a Bedpan” and “Positioning a Resident on Her Side” to address specific critiques and requests.

The new set of videos will be out soon. Thank you so much for those of you who offered comments and requests. The new set of videos happened because of you!

While not every comment or critique will result in a change, we always welcome your words, questions and feedback. You help make our products the best they can be and we’re always ready to listen. Go ahead: Be heard at Hartman!

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