This week: Spotlight on Customer Service Reps

Over the last year, our customer reviews have been through the roof with customers consistently reporting they are “very satisfied” with the service they have received from a Hartman representative. Here are some of our favorite comments this year: “Great customer service, fast shipping…it couldn’t be better. They were very helpful in replacing an order that I made a mistake on.” and This company is always so professional. Always eager to help in any way possible. A first-class company!!!”

At Hartman, our customer service representatives love what they do, and it shows. This month we’re highlighting two of our customer service reps: Col and Brian.

Col Foley just celebrated her four-year anniversary with Hartman. She has worked in customer service most of her life and this is what she said when asked what makes being a Hartman customer service rep different: “CS at Hartman is really ALL about our customers! Every CSR has the power to make it right for each customer—we all have the same training and we generally don’t have to deviate from policy to make it right. The CSR dept is all about getting the customer what they need when they need it and having a good time in between. I have worked other places and yes, the concept was about the customer but that didn’t always actually translate to making it right all the time. The other thing that makes our CSR department stand out is that we all really like what we do and have fun doing it!”

When asked what his favorite thing about being a CS rep at Hartman is, Brian Fejer replied, “I have always enjoyed waking up early, hustling to work, and getting started on morning and daily routines. The CSRs are my people! It is incredible to work with a group of colleagues and peers in my age group. We have a unique connection. What I also appreciate about the CSRs is that we are all on the same page, in terms of our policies and standards. In this modern age, I still believe in the old school: the golden rule and dependable, respectful, helpful customer service.”

Whether you prefer to place your orders online or to call us on the phone, you’ll get the same enthusiastic, competent service. You can be assured that your order will be handled quickly and professionally.

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