Heard at Hartman 03/02/2020

“Heard at Hartman” is our ongoing blog feature where we share updates on customer requests and feedback that have resulted in changes, special products, or corrections to our existing materials.

Planning, assigning, and grading homework for a class can be challenging and time-consuming. Many educators agree that homework helps to fill in gaps in lecture and clinical training by introducing a more interactive study element to the curriculum. If you find yourself beleaguered by homework planning, consider adding a Hartman workbook to your program.

Our workbooks, available for purchase alongside most of our textbooks, are beloved by instructors for their simplicity, convenience, and low price. Students at the annual HOSA conference have charmed our sales representatives by picking up our workbooks and excitedly announcing that completing the workbook helped them pass certification exams. Instructors have reported improved comprehension of the chapter material when their students complete workbook assignments and are thrilled when this translates to higher overall pass rates. This kind of feedback makes us proud.

In each Hartman workbook you will found alternating exercises, including matching, short answer, multiple choice, labeling, fill-in-the blank, and true/false questions that keep students engaged. By presenting key terms and concepts in different contexts, we reinforce the important points in the book. Be assured there are no frustrating trick questions. Each workbook answer can be found within the textbook’s corresponding learning objective, making it easy to assign homework that covers only the topics that have been presented in class. Our workbooks end with a comprehensive 50-question practice final exam.

As a bonus, each workbook contains a full procedure checklist section with blanks for supervisors to sign and date the completed clinical skills. Answer keys for the instructor are located in our instructor’s guide and instructor’s website and, for registered users, are accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection to make grading a breeze. Intrigued? Talk to your sales representative today about adding affordable, comprehensive workbooks to your program!

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