Heard at Hartman 9/25/2018

“Heard at Hartman” is our ongoing blog feature where we share updates on customer requests and feedback that have resulted in changes, special products, or corrections to our existing materials.

Today’s topic: Droplet precautions and flu season

Recently, a customer emailed us and inquired about why the textbook information about the distance a droplet can travel was changed from three feet to six feet between the third and fourth editions of or comprehensive textbook: Nursing Assisting, A Foundation in Caregiving. As is customary with content inquiries, the customer service representative who received the question sent it to the managing editor who directly replied to the customer. Our managing editor confirmed that the information had been changed because between the publication of the two editions, the CDC had issued new guidelines on the distance a droplet can travel. The change was made to keep our information current. She then sent a series of links to the customer from the CDC website supporting the change and offering helpful information about the latest infection prevention updates. The customer expressed appreciation for both the information and the speed with which it was provided.

This droplet precaution question came just in time to remind us that flu season is right around the corner. Stopping the spread of the flu is everyone’s responsibility. Remember to cough or sneeze into your elbows or shoulders, instead of your hands. In addition, wash your hands frequently, and get your flu vaccination. Encourage students and residents to get vaccinated as well. The CDC recommends most people over the age of six months get this year’s flu shot before the end of October 2018 for maximum flu protection. Look for special incentives at some national drug stores, such as shopping vouchers or pay-it-forward vaccination donations.

While not every comment or critique will result in a change, we always welcome your words, questions, and feedback. You help make our products the best they can be and we’re always ready to listen. Go ahead: be heard at Hartman!

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