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One of the biggest and most rewarding challenges an educational publisher faces is to develop and direct an author’s passion for his subject into a cohesive collection of chapters, lessons, and tests. This week at Hartman has been an exciting one. We’ve just celebrated our 25th year in business. Our new textbook, Hartman’s Complete Guide for the EKG Technician, by Wilma Lynne Clarke EdD, RN was just received at our warehouses. It is our first new textbook topic in several years.

At this time of celebration and reflection we’d like to spotlight one of our first textbook authors, William Leahy, MD. Dr. Leahy coauthored our comprehensive home health textbook: Providing Home Care: A Textbook for Home Health Aides, now in its 5th edition, out of a desire to both ensure the highest quality of patient care in the home, and to introduce the young people in his community to the possibilities of satisfying careers in health care.  For Dr. Leahy, founder of the High School Home Health Education Foundation, publishing this textbook has allowed him to continue supporting high school juniors and seniors in Maryland. Through a partnership with Montgomery College and a local residential care facility, the Ingleside at King Farm Health Academy program invites applicants from local high schools to participate in a special training program wherein they learn classroom and clinical skills to pass the state GNA (geriatric nurse aide) test in Maryland. The academy provides instruction, textbooks, uniforms, exam fees, and other equipment, as well as onsite training with actual residents at the facility. All royalties of the sale of Providing Home Care are directly paid to this foundation and contribute to its annual funding.

We’re proud to work with Dr. Leahy and all of our authors, and are proud to welcome our newest author, Lynne Clarke, to the Hartman family.

For further reading on the High School Home Health Education Foundation:

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