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Hartman's Complete Guide for the Phlebotomy Technician

Hartman Publishing, Inc.

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Hartman’s Complete Guide for the Phlebotomy Technician is a comprehensive resource specifically written for students working to become entry-level phlebotomy technicians. It covers every aspect of the job, from communicating with other care team members to performing venous and capillary draws to assisting in the collection of nonblood specimens. NAACLS competencies for entry-level phlebotomy technicians are addressed in a concise, accessible way.

Our book includes material on:

  • The role of the phlebotomy technician, including scope of practice, interpersonal skills, and ethics
  • Foundational care skills such as ensuring accurate patient/specimen identification and following infection prevention practices
  • Anatomy, physiology, and commonly ordered tests
  • Fundamentals of the circulatory system, blood composition, and hemostasis
  • Evacuated tube systems, syringe transfer devices, and capillary collection systems, including guides to tube additives, common tests, and order of draw
  • Adaptations to blood collection procedures that may be required for specific patient populations or due to various patient conditions
  • Ensuring specimen quality and integrity
  • Communication with other healthcare team members and with a variety of patient populations (e.g., pediatric, geriatric, non-native speakers of English)

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Because the workbook is designed to help students review what they have learned from reading the textbook, it is organized around learning objectives, which work like a built-in study guide. Multiple choice, true/false, crosswords, critical thinking scenarios, and other activities test the student’s knowledge of each chapter. A 100-question practice exam helps students prepare for certification.

Instructor’s Guide

for Hartman's Complete Guide for the Phlebotomy Technician

The instructor’s guide to teaching from our textbook contains the following elements for every chapter: an overview of teaching strategies; page references for the textbook; teaching outlines for every learning objective; and critical thinking activities that may include case studies, role-playing scenarios, games, or conversation starters. Appendices include the following: a collection tube handout detailing additives, common tests for each tube type, and order of draw; a tube labeling guide; a table of the most common blood tests, including any special handling required; medical term and abbreviation guides; two sets of multiple choice chapter tests; and a sample certification exam. The instructor’s website contains PowerPoint presentations for each chapter that complement the instructor’s guide content and include abbreviated lecture material, student-directed questions, and critical thinking questions related to the procedures.

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